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Three protestors from Conscientious Objection Initiative were oppressed by the Police during the military parade in North.Conscientious objection activists Rahme Veziroğlu, Hazal Yolga and Halil Karapaşaoğlu were detained by the police in the toilets at the ground floor of the Atatürk Stadium stands while they were holding a closed banner saying “Our duty is peace, conscientious objection is our right“.After their release conscientious objection activists stated that they were met with violence, aggressive force and were strip searched without any legal ground.Additionally they stated that police officers deleted their sound recordings. Upon their question to the policemen why they did not touch anti-conscientous objectionists on the 29th of October parade, they were told that “Theirs was acceptable. We know who you are and what you stand for”Conscientious objection activists wanted to open a banner at the official ceremony saying: Our duty is peace, conscientious objection is our right. They were violently dragged away from the area by an army of policemen even before they opened the banner. They were taken under custody at a toilet nearby for an hour, threatened, harassed and humiliated with a naked body-search. No explanation for the legal ground of custody were given. Their recordings were erased. Only two weeks ago, on the 29th of October, at a similar ceremony celebrating the establishment of Republic of Turkey, a group of men opened up several banners that read: “No to conscientious objection”, “Military duty is our honour (‘namus’ which reads sexual honour in Turkish)”, “Mehmetçik (Turkish soldier) and Mücahit (Turkish Cypriot soldier) are our pride” and they were allowed to finish their demo until their arms got tired and wanted to finish. When the activists asked the police why they did not touch anyone on the 29th, the response was ” Theirs was acceptable. We know who you are, what you stand for.”vicdani_polisConscientious objector Haluk Selam Tufanli (together with Murat Kanatlı ) is standing trial for refusing to serve in the millitary, he’s refusing to be part of a system which fuels hatred, trains to end lives for the benefit of the political, economical elite…a system that feeds off divisions, hostility… He’s standing against unquestioned authority and unconditional obedience. And for all these, it is a high possibility that he will be put in prison on the 11th of December. Show your support to Haluk and Murat if your stomach is disturbed reading these lines.

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