@efenosis- Closed response to the Cypriot Puzzle: “We are all refugees.”

The following is a translation of Enosis’ response to our one.

We saw, with reserved pleasure that the Cypriot Puzzle website replied to an article that we published in the February edition of the “ENOSIS” (union) newspaper. In that article we articulated an initial criticism on their approach.

We believe that the majority of readers on our website speak Greek and hence we reply in Greek, even if the Cypriot Puzzle chooses to reply in English. Their reply begins by thanking our newspaper for taking the time to consider their actions. We also thank them from our side that they replied and we agree (in part) that things can be clarified by “talking to each other,” as they mention.

The authors of the response take a lot of space to convince their readers that they are not funded by anyone and that they put their savings in this project. That is clear. We had only written “we remain sceptical,” nothing more.

Further on, they mention that they do not have a political agenda and that they just want to convince people to get involved in the attempts of “understanding.” Doesn’t this form part of a political agenda though?

Replying to the following part of our criticism (what becomes annoying with all these organisations is that they try to prove that the Cypriot issue is a “puzzle” that can be solved with parties, peace pigeons and balloons over the green line or courtships between Greek and Turkish Cypriots in Troodos and Ayia Napa), the authors mention that the attempt to solve the problem at an official level has failed. We are perfectly in agreement with their statement. Besides, isn’t it inevitable that these attempts will fail since our leaders discuss with the occupying power itself and with the purpose of the official partition of the island? This is the part we think, that the writers of the reply do not comprehend, referring hence to the result of the Bicommunal, Bizonal Federation that they try to “teach” through the multimedia.

At the same time they declare that they do not view the Turkish Cypriots as “the other side.” Neither do we in fact. However, should they not wonder how many Turkish Cypriots are left and who are those with whom we will unify? Should they not wonder why every year on the 20th July the streets are filled with Turkish flags commemorating the anniversary of the invasion? Should they not also wonder why at the fascist Erdogan’s visit the streets were flooded with his supporters? Or even why the “heavy” Eroglu was elected a few years ago? These questions are neither set because we are “anti-turk”, nor because we do not acknowledge that there are Turkish Cypriots who resist the occupation, the Turkish fascist state and the pseudo-state. This clarification is relevant in order to make things clear.

The Cypriot Puzzle team failed to understand the following significant point in our criticism: The problem is not merely ideological but practical as well. The reason why we wrote about balloons, courtships and parties over the buffer zone is not because we are harsh and chauvinists. It is because the apoliticised youth is a great problem of today, even more so when it lives under the illusion that it is being politicised. If we follow this course of logic, then even more fascist groups will be created (even more extreme than ELAM) that will be there to fill the gaps that are left void by the Puzzle and other organizations.

The Cypriot Puzzle team failed to acknowledge one more thing: We insist on “the invasion and the occupation” not because we are unprogressive but because these issues are only solved with the truth. Whether some people want to hide behind Anastasiades’ little finger, so as not to disappoint the Turkish Cypriots, is another matter that can only lead to the absolute befuddlement and manipulation of the entire society. And the Cypriot Puzzle team proceeds (rather naively) to a great error: it believes that the actions of our leadership are wrong but it does not do anything different. It does not accurately speak of things nor does it clearly name them, the invasion should be called invasion and the occupation should be termed occupation. In this way, the solution of any form that they wish to bring will only be imaginary. Until the time comes that we will be walking utterly free in the occupied areas (let them search for the term in dictionaries), some people will carry on with the parties and some of us will carry on writing that “we are all refugees” (in greeklish, so that the next generations can understand), insisting that the problem is a problem and not a puzzle that can be solved with Bloody Mary cocktails at the Home of Cooperation.

Alecos Michaelides

ENOSIS newspaper

P.S. Regarding the issue with the insistence on Enosis (Union) that appeared in the comments below the reply, we can only say the following: Union with Greece is a far more tangible claim than the Bizonal, Bicommunal Federation and the supposed reunification, especially under the terms promoted by the Puzzle, Anastasiades, DYSI, AKEL, the American and the British embassies, Eide and all those who think that we stand no chance and that we will accept whatever they put on the table.


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