EDEK rejects bizonal, bicommunal federation

The Central Committee of EDEK party issued a statement on Sunday rejecting a bizonal, bicommuncal federation as a solution to the Cyprus problem.

This move by the party leadership means that EDEK is taking an official hard-line position on the peace negotiations.

In a press release, EDEK lists a number of points it considers negative in a bizonal solution. Among others, they describe the solution as “racist”, “anti-democratic” and believe it turns Cypriots into second-class citizens.

EDEK believes that Turkish Cypriot progressive movements can take hold only after the Turkish military withdraws from Cyprus…………….

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  1. Gianluca LentiniGianluca Lentini said:

    They either lack pragmatism or will towards a solution. Similar statements are not only outdated, but plainly useless, unless their aim is in perpetuating the partition and the occupation indefinitely.

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