EDEK: from social democracy to national socialism

EDEK: from social democracy to national socialism

I FELT proud and honoured to have been part of the 100-member group which, with Vassos Lyssarides as its leader and guide, set up EDEK in 1969. Being the youngest of the group I had the title of ‘mitiskouris’ (kid), a description that seems surrealistic now, when I look at myself in the mirror.

In 1969 the Greek Junta’s veil of darkness had already covered everything in Cyprus as well. It pains me when I think about the Junta period (1967-1974) and recall that the majority of Cypriots, not only failed to resist the fascist dictatorship but, on the contrary, embraced and supported it, even though everyone now claims to have been against it.

This was a dark period in Cyprus’ history, dominated by rampant nationalism, uncontrollable individualism, blind selfishness and thick-skinned self-serving, while almost all the media had turned into mouthpieces and cheerleaders of the ‘national government’, which was how the Junta was referred to at the time.

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