Due to our neighbour’s stance we have not been able to reach an agreement

Sarıyer deputy Mayor İsmail Erdem and an accompanying delegation made up of Cyprus War Veterans are paying visits to state and government officials in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
Within this framework they were received by President Derviş Eroğlu this morning.
Speaking during the visit President Derviş Eroğlu said that the Turkish Peace Operation had been effective in establishing the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus which allowed people to live under a state roof in peace and security.
Touching upon the Cyprus issue the President said ‘can we meet at a common point this is what we are trying to discuss at the negotiations table. Up until now we have not been able to facilitate this opportunity’.
He said due to our neighbour’s stance we have not been able to reach an agreement.
‘The agreements that emerge from time to time are rejected by Greek Cypriots at a referendum or are rejected on the day they emerge at the negotiating table’ sad the President and added that 40 years had passed since the Turkish Peace Operation.
‘Compared to Cyprus 40 years ago today there is a major difference. 40 years ago we made these lands our homeland and we have constructed our homes here. We are determined to live on these lands and under this state. We are living under the guarantee of Turkey ad we have no concerns regarding the future’ said the President.
Noting that there are problems in all states President Derviş Eroğlu said that the TRNC is a young state and has problems and what’s important is to overcome these problems and not lose what has been gained in the process.
Explaining that he was trying to maintain the situation that had emerged after the peace operation the President said that this was being done with the cooperation of Motherland Turkey and the people.
The Sarıyer Deputy Mayor İsmail Erdem for his part informed President Eroğlu about the working that they had carried out with the Cyprus War Veterans last week and the opening of the Sarıyer War Veterans Association.
Explaining that a lot of the people in the delegation had returned to Cyprus for the first time after 40 years, Mr. Erdem said that not only the war veterans but the people of Turkey should also pay a visit to the island.

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