Derya slammed Denktas for putting on the same level Overseas & EU coordination office

CTP MP Dogus Derya commented on DPM Serdar Denktas’s statements regarding the Overseas Coordination Office and his likening this to the EU Coordination Centre.


Derya who shared her criticism on social media wrote DPM with inverted commas and slammed Denktas for putting the Overseas Coordination office on the same level as the EU coordination office. She said the EU office was a centre opened by the TC officials and run and administered by TC officials with TC personnel.

The Overseas Coordination office however was going to be an office opened by the Turkish government with Turkish personnel; these people would be treated as diplomats and not one TC department would be overseeing their work.

Derya claimed that eventually the Overseas Coordination office would become a vehicle to turn youths into religious followers.


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