Derya files official complaint with police

CTP MP Dogus Derya who was verbally attacked on social media for her speech during the budgetary discussions in parliament, has filed an official complaint with the police.

Derya went to the Nicosia Police Department with a group of lawyers to file the complaint against Bertan Zaroglu, Latif Akca, Kenan Akin, Rifat Yildiz, Ali Tekin, Abdulkadir Tapinc, Aydinli Tayfun and Keman Ozkan Cakirgoz for their ‘aggressive and obscene’ remarks against her. 
Amongst the lawyers accompanying Derya were Tahir Seroydas, Ongun Talat and Mehmet Ekin Vaiz. Other lawyers also announced that they would be willing to volunteer to take Derya’s case in court.



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