Denktas:The 2 leaders do not read the same book as regards the negotiations

Turkish Cypriot daily Star Kibris newspaper (02.12.15) reports that Democratic Party (DP) chairman Serdar Denktas criticized statements made by the Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci on the recent developments of the Cyprus problem and Turkey’s guarantees during a meeting with a delegation from Turkey’s Journalists Federation a few days ago.

Denktas stated that the two leaders in Cyprus appear not to read the same book as regards the negotiations. On the one hand, Akinci talks about renewing the system of guarantees with Turkey while Anastasiades says that he aims for a solution with no guarantees from foreign countries. Akinci talks about a new state while Anastasiades talks about the continuation of the Republic of Cyprus, Denktas stated.

“If the two negotiators do not read the same book, how can they reach a common solution? Are they deceiving each other? Are they deceiving the world? Or did they come to an agreement to deceive the people?” Denktas asked, adding that the “people” must follow the developments very carefully.


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