Denktas: The Anglo-Americans will exert pressure for a solution in Cyprus

Turkish Cypriot daily Kibrisli newspaper (19.05.15) reports that Serdar Denktas, chairman of the Democratic Party – National Forces (DP-UG), has alleged that the Greek Cypriots may be forced to an agreement in spite of the fact that they allegedly do not want one.According to Denktas, it seems that the Anglo-Americans will exert a lot of pressure this time so that the issue ends with an agreement. He claimed that the Greek Cypriots have no intention to reach an agreement, but pressure will be exerted on both sides.

“This campaign has started, it is like during the Annan Plan”, he claimed alleging that the developments regarding the so-called Turkish Cypriot football federation are within this framework.

Explaining his concern about an agreement which both sides will not be very willing to accept, Denktas wondered whether such an agreement will lead to a solution or to a conflict.

Denktas reiterated his position in favor of a “federation which will be established by two states”, noting that “the two states are very important for us”. “The reason for this is that they are the symbol of our equality”, he claimed.

Denktas alleged: “They continuously give the example of Germany and France. Germany and France are two countries which fought for years. Now they are living in a friendly manner within the EU, because they have produced respect to the borders and the sovereignty of each other. Only if we can produce this in Cyprus a viable solution can be realized”.

Denktas claimed that the mutual gestures announced by the two leaders were not mutual. He said that he wants the “people” to see the maps of the 28 minefields given by President Anastasiades and argued that the “people” should know if these minefields have been cleaned by the “security forces” in the past.



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