Denktas says that the ministry pressed charges against KTOS for its 2017 calenda

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για ktos KIBRIS

Turkish Cypriot daily Democrat Bakis newspaper (03.01.17) reports that Serdar Denktas, self-styled deputy prime minister of the breakaway regime, has claimed that many members of the primary school teachers’ trade union (KTOS) have different views from those expressed in the calendar for 2017 issued by the trade union, that the “ministry” pressed charges against KTOS and that the necessary measures will be taken.

Addressing yesterday the “assembly”, Denktas said that KTOS’ calendar describes as “fascist” TMT organization [Translator’s note: The Turkish Resistance Organization (TMT) is a terrorist organization established in the 1950’s accused of the murders of both Turkish and Greek Cypriots]. He argued that TMT occupies an important place in Turkish Cypriots’ history and many of its members, especially in the rural areas, were members of KTOS. Therefore, he alleged, the trade union described as “fascists” its own members.

Meanwhile, National Unity Party’s (UBP) “deputy” Zorlu Tore also referred to the issue speaking at the “assembly” yesterday and asked an investigation to be conducted against KTOS’ officials, accusing them of aiming at dividing and provoking the “people”. According to Tore’s claims, the calendar includes distorted information and deficiencies.

Source: PIOΑποτέλεσμα εικόνας για ktos KIBRIS

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