Denktas: No point in resuming talks


Bayrak television (29.07.17) broadcast that the self-styled deputy prime minister and minister of finance Serdar Denktas alleged that resuming negotiations as of this point will be waste of time.

Speaking on a live program aired on BRT he alleged that talks for creating federations could only be held between equal parties.

He also expressed concern claiming that the 11th of February 2014 Joint Declaration, which his party withdrew its support from, “could create a new environment of conflict on the island”.

Alleging that it became clear in Crans-Montana that the federation positions of the two sides were far too apart from each other, Denktas alleged: “It is obvious that the Greek Cypriot’s understanding of a bi-zonal federation is quite different from our understanding. This is the real reason why the process collapsed”.

He further alleged that the Greek Cypriot side’s proposal for a ‘single ticket’ in elections was proof that it had no desire to share political power with the Turkish Cypriots.

Touching upon the 11th of February 2014 Joint Declaration, Denktas expressed his concerns regarding a bi-zonal federal settlement.

“As long as we continue negotiating a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation with one side being recognized as the state whilst the other a community, then this could create a new ground for conflict. We cannot continue negotiating on the basis of these parameters. Negotiations for establishing federations are held between equal sides” he alleged.

Denktas also claimed that the talks could only resume as and when the international community accepts and recognizes the political equality of the two sides.

Source: PIO

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