Denktas: Negotiations not going as good as it seems

The leader of the main opposition Democrat Party National Forces Serdar Denktaş is continuing his visits to villages around the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus with the aim of informing the villagers regarding the Cyprus negotiations process.
Together with a delegation Mr. Denktaş visited the Dipkarpaz region.
Here he informed villagers that although the messages given regarding the Cyprus negotiations process have been positive, the DP leader said that there are two sides to everything and that he didn’t believe that everything was going too well.
‘Everything seems to be going well, we read the minutes, listen to President Akıncı’s statements and the statements made by the Greek Cypriot side. Both the leaders Anastasiadis and Akıncı informed their respective sides of the same issue in different ways’ said Denktaş.
He also expressed his belief that the issue of Special Status areas will end in a fiasco.
Denktaş said that this issue carries vital importance for the Dipkarpaz and Girne regions and claimed that in general it is an issue that opens an invitation to clashes.



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