Denktas made statements on the “citizenship law”

Turkish Cypriot daily Havadis newspaper (10.12.15) reports that the chairman of the Democratic Party (DP) Serdar Denktas made statements on the new “citizenship law” of the breakaway regime and stated that he is not in favor of the approach to grant “citizenship” to anyone that works in the breakaway regime, however he said the persons who were born in the breakaway regime or arrived while they were babies must not be treated in an unfair way. Denktas made these statements speaking during a television program.

“We cannot avoid the rights of those who have lived in Cyprus for 25-30 years, they delivered their children […] embraced the Cypriot culture and received an education here”, he stated adding that the children of the [Turkish] workers are even having the status of the foreign students at universities despite been born and lived in the occupied area of Cyprus. “These children are our children and this issue is a violation of human rights”, he argued.

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