Denktas: Elections cannot be held earlier than April 2018


Turkish Cypriot daily Yeni Duzen newspaper (09.08.17), under the title “Technically an elections before April cannot be held”, publishes an interview with Serdar Denktas, leader of the Democratic Party (DP) and self-styled deputy prime minister and “minister of finance”, given to the paper’s journalists Meltem Sonay and Mert Ozdag mainly on domestic issues.

Denktas argued that the earliest “elections” that can be held is in April 2018, adding that there is a request for “legal amendments” in the “assembly”.

Meanwhile, Ozdag, in his column, under the title “One hour with Serdar Denktas”, writes that they discussed with Denktas the proposals that the DP has prepared regarding the Cyprus problem off the record. Ozdag reports that Denktas’ proposals include everything in detail from the opening of new crossing points until the fenced off town of Varosha. Denktas has already submitted his proposals to the Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci.

Ozdag writes: “Denktas has a new policy to become more active and influential. (…) He stressed that they should show that they exist, not just promoting the ‘TRNC’. The new policy will be ‘We also exist here’. (…) Varosha should be opened under Turkish administration. (…) Let’s open them to contribute to the economy.”

Ozdag concluded his commentary by writing that he feels that Denktas is testing the ground for the 2020 “elections”.

Source: PIO

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