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Davutoglu:Cyprus current negotiations constitute last chance for solution - The Cypriot Puzzle

Davutoglu:Cyprus current negotiations constitute last chance for solution

Davutoglu gives a spot to Anastasiades on his Facebook page

According to illegal Bayrak television (01.12.15), Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, in statements to Esenboga airport prior to his departure for the “TRNC”, the first “visit” his paying “abroad” after the establishment of the 64th Turkish Government, stated that Turkey and the “TRNC” will exchange views on the further strengthening of their ties.
Pointing to the strong bilateral ties between Turkey and the “TRNC”, Davutoglu said: “We will make preparations and plans for the forthcoming period and on steps to be taken in order to develop our bilateral ties on the highest level. At the same time, we will discuss in detail together with Akinci and his negotiation team the latest stage of the ongoing Cyprus talks which were resumed on 15 May 2015”.
Explaining that the issue was discussed in depth during the EU-Turkey summit in Brussels, Davutoglu said: “We consider this negotiation process the last chance for an outcome on the Cyprus problem. All parties involved should mobilize all the means at their disposal and use their influence towards reaching a bi-zonal solution based on the political equality in the island, within the framework of the UN parameters. Turkey and the TRNC expressed their strong will on this issue very clearly. The support we gave to the Annan Plan in 2004 and the ‘yes’ vote of the Turkish Cypriot people to the Plan, in spite of the negative vote of the Greek Cypriot sector were not sufficient for the establishment of peace on the island. It is of great importance, that first the UN and then the whole international community contribute to the efforts for reaching a viable solution and support the intensified negotiation talks in the next months”.
Davutoglu underlined that despite the so-called embargoes, the restrictions imposed on the “TRNC” and the economic crisis, the “TRNC”’s outstanding performance and economic development continue. He also expressed the view that the “TRNC” is more stable than ever and can look to the future with hope.
Referring to the water transfer project, Davutoglu described it as an important step and a turning point for the “TRNC”.
Noting that prosperity and stability in the region are very important in light of the developments in Syria, Davutoglu added: “While there are several crises globally right now, the Cyprus negotiations are the only thing which is moving in the right direction. We hope that these negotiations will yield a positive result and that all together, with the support of the two peoples, we will put an end to this half century crisis”, Davutoglu said.


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