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I’m told that members of the UN team in Cyprus, the ones dealing with Cyprob negotiations, not the blue berets of UNFICYP, are pinching themselves to check if they are awake. They can’t believe what they are seeing with their own eyes. The experience of having two negotiating teams that are so well behaved towards each other is unique to them. Anastasiades, Akinci, their negotiators and their aides are trying their best to understand each other’s positions. They are flexible and imaginative in their effort to find common ground and move the process forward. Usually, I wouldn’t take this kind of info for granted. But, this time round, somehow I feel that people are honest and serious and really trying to get an agreement on the table.

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Another example showing the new air of collaboration between Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot negotiating teams is their eagerness to talk regularly on the phone and agree on a common line as to what they say publicly about the process. This is also a first and is something that could immensely help the effort for a settlement. Some people actively involved in the talks would like to see the two sides establishing a joint communication team and pass through it all statements or public announcements. I know it’s unusual, overoptimistic even, but Cypriots on both sides need this kind of initiatives to build trust and work together……..

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