Cyprus solution needs debt relief


The victory of Mustafa Akinci in the elections of the Turkish Cypriot community on Sunday seems to have brought hope that we could finally move forward on the thorniest of issues plaguing Cyprus. The UN is gearing up for a concerted effort, and confidence-building efforts have been unilaterally announced by President Anastasiades.

After so much time that has been lost, any progress on mutual confidence-building measures would be a very good starting point. The aim of this article is not to discuss the existing proposals but to put forward an additional measure that would increase the commitment of all parties – not just those residing in Cyprus – to an ongoing peace process. It is a fact that the EU has been largely absent from the negotiations:

I have no idea who the EU special representative on the Cyprus issue is. Yet clearly the EU has much to gain from a stable and successful solution of the Cyprus problem. Cyprus could thus suggest to the EU to put “its money where its mouth is” and provide a road map for a possible debt write-off after a settlement – to match what can be expected from Turkey.

Kibris newspaper reported that debt to Turkey in 2014 was TL 7.5 billion,………

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