What is the Cyprus problem?


For totally different reasons, the two peoples of Cyprus consider the status quo as unacceptable. To heal any condition, there is an absolute need to make a proper prognosis and an accurate diagnosis. What is the Cyprus problem? Before this question is adequately and accurately answered, a resolution will not be possible.

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  1. repulsewarrior X said:

    Curious that the Cypriot People, as Cypriots, seems to have no place in the view taken by Mr. Kanli.

    He talks of “Greeks” and “Turks”, in Cyprus, as equals; I ask myself, what is a Turk, if there are “Kurds”, and “Turks” in Turkey, aren’t they equal, wouldn’t they (“Greeks” and “Turks”/ “Kurds” and “Turks”) be equal for the same reasons?

    Indeed, the Cyprus Problem, is Turkey’s problem, that of the identities we carry as Human beings, as Individuals, and as Persons; how these are expressed, politically. The world is not divided as Mr. Kanli suggests, those “Turkish”, and those not “Turkish”. Dividing Cyprus in such a manner has been Turkey’s goal, now for decades, and despite the failure of the Annan Plan, it seems that, in such a policy nothing has changed, because it is the same goal in Turkey, by its “Turks” for its “Turks”.

    Turkey is more divided than ever, and this is something to think about, because One Cyprus, means, One Turkey.

    “…2) a quest for Turkey’s help to overcome an acute water shortage on the island.”, seriously; what was the Karpas, and what is it today, I remember. I remember that it was the Cypriot Republic who organised a system of Public Works, where there was none before, everybody had water to drink, electrification, and asphalt roads. And since then I have seen who is the better steward in Cyprus. Such a statement should be referenced, I have never heard such an historical fact, and it would be appreciated being something new, quite controversial in and of itself.

    …it was Mr. Ecevit if I recall who dreamed of exporting water from Turkey throughout the Eastern Mediterranean, “Peace Pipes”, toward the management of water regionally, for the benefit of the larger whole’s security. Recall as well, the Euphrates, great efforts were made, then, toward those ends. Such efforts are no less valid today.

    Erdogan has built a stretch of pipe to Cyprus, it is true, but it is no gift to Cypriots, Turkish, “Turkish” or otherwise. If Mr. Kanli, takes the time to consider my view he may reconsider the value of Turkey’s contribution in this matter, how it it is that Turkish Cypriots had thirst, and, the privatization of every drop of water, and every watt of power I might add, into the hands of few, and unknown for the most part, so that as a population, people may not thirst (if it’s paid for), (representing only 30% of “that” water). What is the greater good from all this effort and expense?

    I still hope that it will be “gifted” to the People, as Cypriots, it is the right thing to do, it shows Grace, and it pays a lot of reparations. Such a signal for Turkish Cypriots to unite, as Cypriots, for Cyprus, is not anathema to the plans Turkey must have in Turkey without it tearing apart. Like Cyprus, one Turkey, one Flag of Turkey, Constitutional Reform, a BBF, within, another level of Government, Cypriot Constituencies, as in Cyprus, one Cyprus, one Flag of Cyprus, Freedom without any further distinction or discrimination, within Liberty, as Persons, Turkish Constituencies.

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