Cyprus’ people will be the ones to decide on a solution

Cypriot people will be deciding on the agreement for the solution of the Cyprus problem, President Nicos Anastasiades said, adding that “it is not the President who will sign the agreement”.
In his address at an event by the Cyprus Senior Citizens’ Organisation, at the Presidential Palace, the President of the Republic said that the people will be fully informed when a comprehensive solution is reached, in a call for unity.
President Anastasiades talked about the latest developments regarding the Cyprus problem and the economy.
Turkey, he said, must prove in practice that it means what it says with regard to the resolution of the Cyprus problem, while referring to the economy he pointed out that it is already on the path of growth.
He said, with regard to the economy, that “we have already entered a state of growth. And this was the result of a well-planned and sensible policy, which definitely creates the prospects for the full restoration of the economy”.
We have already witnessed the restoration of the credibility of the state, the restoration of our banking system, we have the praise of the EU and our lenders, but also those of the international Rating Agencies which, following years of degrading, are now continuously upgrading the credibility of the state and our banking system, he said.
The President added that, in addition to the economy “our major objective is to address the great national problem: the division and the occupation of our homeland, to create prospects so that our homeland is reunified, to feel that at last we managed to get rid of the pain of the occupation, for the occupying troops to leave, to create conditions for free movement, settlement, residence, and employment throughout Cyprus”.
“What we sought out and have achieved, were the engagement and the utilisation of our homeland’s EU membership. The main argument was always that, despite the sacrifices that we would endure our accession to the EU was to be the objective so that we can achieve a just solution to the Cyprus problem through the principles and values of the EU,” President Anastasiades said.
“It is the first time that this actually takes place and it is exactly because of the initiatives, actions, and our active presence within the EU that we have managed to change certain things. One of the factors was of course the change in the leadership of the Turkish Cypriot community,” he added.
These, however, are not enough, he said. “What is needed, because there is still a long way to go, is to see Turkey prove in practice that, at last, through certain moves, one can actually believe that it means what it says,” the President concluded.

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  1. alphami2013alphami2013 said:

    it’s never the people who decide anything about their future.other power centers decide for them and the local politicians

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