Cyprus Dialogue Forum – Fresh out of the oven

Launched in March, 2015, the Cyprus Dialogue Forum is an inclusive space for structured dialogue and knowledge-sharing among political, economic and social stakeholders from both communities, aiming to support the peace process in Cyprus.


  • Support the formal negotiations and all political efforts to reach a mutually agreed federal solution, by creating options and submitting suggestions for the negotiation process.
  • Create public awareness, acknowledge and incorporate the inputs of the wider public and help to prepare both communities for a solution.
  • Create common understanding, multi-perspectivity, shared vision of the future and build a culture of co-existence.
  • Create space for citizens to also raise and address issues that are not included in the political process.


  • Creating a Safe Space means upholding the following values:
  • Respect and Tolerance
  • Trust
  • Pluralism – acknowledgment of the value of different opinions
  • Freedom of speech
  • Transparency
  • The Forum will aim for consensus. Consensus presupposes understanding of and respect for different points of view including disagreement and implies mutual accommodation on the basis of which agreement can emerge by a sincere process of adjustment among participants in the true spirit of dialogue. Consensus, while signifying substantial agreement, does not imply unanimity. The purpose of the Forum is to create options based on recognising both the commonalities and differences in perspectives and/or positions which will represent the Single-Text

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