Cypriots must understand each other


By President Nicos Anastasiades
It is with great pleasure that I look upon the endeavour you are launching today, as it is my belief that lack of communication between the two communities in Cyprus, after decades of separation, continues to cause serious problems in understanding each other.

Timely and accurate information available to everyone on the island is absolutely necessary in getting rid of stereotypes that do not let us take the required steps to overcome reservations and negative perceptions that prevail on our island on many fronts.

It is for this reason that cooperation between Phileleftheros Group/Cyprus Weekly and Havadis Turkish Cypriot media group is a ground-breaking step, not only as a bold business move but also as a necessary step in redefining the media industry in our country.

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  1. Peter ConstantPeter Constant said:

    @AnastasiadesCY @greeksinart #Anastasiades you have NO clue. Do not betray #Greeks of #Cyprus to murderers of #Ankara.

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