Cutting the umbilical cord

Cutting the umbilical cord

There is a tangible feeling that something has changed in the northern part of Cyprus. Hope has returned for the first time in ten years. And although the jubilant crowds are no longer singing and dancing in Inonu Square, the Turkish Cypriot community feels it is on the verge of something important.

But as the dust settles over dovish Mustafa Akinci’s landslide victory in the ‘presidential’ election last weekend, it is worth pondering on what has caused such a dramatic shift in Turkish Cypriot sentiments, and what, in real terms, such a shift might mean for the north, and ultimately the whole of Cyprus.

Of course, this is not the first time the Turkish Cypriots have voted for a pro-solution leader, or indeed for solution itself. In 2004, they famously backed the UN-brokered Annan plan for reunification, and in 2005 elected moderate Mehmet Ali Talat. However, on neither occasion did the community reap the fruits of their actions.

It was for this reason that in 2010 Dervish Eroglu, a nationalist and philosophical ally…………

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