CTP’s Akansoy proposed the suspension of the negotiation talks for at least one year


Turkish Cypriot daily Yeni Duzen newspaper (17.05.17) reports that the “deputy” with the Republican Turkish Party (CTP) Asim Akansoy, in statements yesterday during the meeting of the so-called assembly, evaluated the latest developments on the Cyprus negotiation talks, stating, inter alia, that the negotiation process has entered into a crucial phase.

Alleging that a possible blockage at the talks will not be turned upon the one side, Akansoy further supported that a possible blockage will try also the international community’s patience.

Referring to the issue of the natural gas, Akansoy stated that this issue which is one of the most important dynamics in the Eastern Mediterranean is directly affecting the Cyprus negotiation process. “In order to achieve stability in the region, we should act with seriousness on the issue of the natural gas. At the current stage, we should behave with common sense, we should produce a policy based on common sense, we should follow a preventive policy in a possible hot development in the Eastern Mediterranean and we should also be accelerant for our common interests”.

Akansoy further stressed the need for the Barbaros Hayrettin Pasa vessel to suspend all its research activities in the Mediterranean. He also proposed the suspension of the Cyprus negotiation talks for at least one year.

Source: PIO

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