Countdown to Presidential Elections 2015 in T/c community: 117 days

With the Presidential Elections set for April 19 2015, we will endeavour to bring you daily news of the candidates before Election Day. Who was where and what did they say…

KP Daily News – Funda Gumush
Independent Presidential candidate and President Eroglu’s first stop within the framework of his local council visits was to the Nicosia Turkish Municipality. Eroglu met with Mayor Mehmet Harmanci. He noted that both Harmanci and his team had a difficult task ahead but said he saw that ‘spark’ in him to bring Nicosia to better places. Eroglu said “The public wanted to see a more orderly city”.
CTP Presidential candidate and Parliamentary Speaker Sibel Siber had a busy day yesterday and called in to the Turkish Cypriot Hoteliers Association (KITOB) as well as the War Veterans and Martyrs Families Association. In her visit to KITOB, Siber noted that ‘any step taken in tourism helped to strengthen TC identity in the international arena’. Speaking to the members of the War Veterans Association, Siber underlined “We exist with our own identity”.
Independent Candidate Kudret Ozersay yesterday paid a visit to the Help Those with Cancer Association (KHYD). They exchanged views with regards to cancer patients and the causes of cancer were discussed.  Ozersay pointed out that “the state had serious responsibilities” concerning victims of the illness and added that ‘agricultural products should be looked at more closely’.
Independent candidate Mustafa Akinci also visited the TC Hoteliers Association. Noting that he gave a huge importance to tourism, Akinci vowed to take more interest in internal issues if he is voted in as president and underlined that he would be a “more sensitive President on issues of tourism, historical and the environment”. 

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