Colak: The Cyprus settlement will have a financial cost

According to illegal Bayrak television (online, 27.08.15), self-styled foreign Emine Colak said that the agreement to be reached on the property issue will have a direct impact on the cost of a settlement. Speaking on “BRT”, Colak said that a settlement will have a financial cost and that both sides need to start looking into how this cost will be financed. Describing the current process as a unique opportunity to settle the Cyprus problem once and for all, Colak said that she is extremely encouraged by the good will demonstrated by both sides in the talks. Stating that the two leaders have first chosen to start the talks on issues where progress can be easier to achieve, Colak said that thornier issues such as property, guarantees and territory have been left to the later part of the talks. Pointing out that the two sides have started discussions on the main criteria related to the settlement of the property issue, Colak said that an agreement on the property issue will also reveal how much a settlement will cost. “The agreement to be reached on property will really affect the cost of a settlement. Naturally a solution will have a financial cost and we need to start working together to see how we can cover this cost. The two sides are talking about settling property disputes through restitution or return, compensation and exchange. Even though there might be exceptions it seems highly likely that most cases will be solved through compensation. And that means money”, she added. Also drawing attention to the issue of guarantees, Colak reminded that the issue concerns all the signatory parties but added that the solution to be reached will ensure that both communities’ security concerns are addressed. Also touching upon her contacts in Ankara, Colak said that she has once again personally witnessed the strong support of Turkey to the solution process in Cyprus. “Turkey’s support is strong because Ankara truly desires a settlement on the island. It’s giving a blank cheque for a settlement. Ankara supports the political will which will take the process forward towards a settlement. Any form of pressure or intervention is out of the question”, Colak claimed.


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