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Federal state

From Unity to Division

From Unity to Division

Unitary state, federation, confederation and partition. These concepts do not have clear definitions. It’s best to think of them as a range where at the one end lies the unitary state and at the other end lies partition. Based on characteristic elements or criteria, such as how much power the states/ regions enjoy in relation

The property issue under the Annan Plan

1.The claims of persons who were dispossessed of their properties by events prior to entry into force of this Agreement shall beresolved in a comprehensive manner in accordance with international law, respect for the individual rights of dispossessed owners and current users, and the principle of bi-zonality. 2.  In areas subject to territorial adjustment, properties shall be reinstated to dispossessed

Signing of the constituion 1960 Zurich


The birth of the Republic of Cyprus The constitution of Cyprus is a constitution written and given to us by others and its basis is the separation of powers based on ethnic separation. It was agreed to and signed by the leaders of the 2 communities which the constitution provides for:  Greeks (G/C)  Turks (T/C)