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  Υπάρχει μια έκφραση στα τουρκικά, «EL AMAN». ‘Όπως θα λέγαμε κι εμείς εδώ «Αμάν, κανεί πιον!» όταν μας έχει κουράσει μια κατάσταση και αγανακτούμε. Και η γραφή του μοιάζει με το «ΕΛΑΜ»! Read full article in Greek at Politis. Bu coğrafyanın en önemli farklılığı, çok kültürlü yapısıdır. Ama “ELAM” kafalılar o kadar çok ki!..

“TRNC” announcement regarding religious ceremonies and liturgies in the north

  Announcement of the so-called “TRNC Ministry of Foreign Affairs” regarding religious ceremonies and liturgies in the north: “As we have repeatedly expressed on every occasion where the issue of religious freedoms has come up, the freedoms of religion, thought and conscience are under the protection of the Constitution of the Turkish Republic of Northern

The good, the bad, and the intermediaries

  Selling Cyprus out… The five parties (Diko, Edek, Solidarity, Citizens’ Alliance and the Greens) of the so-called “intermediate space” (in reality extremely nationalistic) are in danger of completely losing the plot when the presidential race goes into full throttle. About 10 months before the big day in February, their narrative is either that the

Getting ready for federal towns in Cyprus

  By Okan Dagli Uniting divided towns is at least as important as uniting the country. Efforts have been under way in Famagusta to prepare for towns that will host both communities in the future. The Bicommunal Famagusta Initiative, Imaginary Famagusta and Ecocity Famagusta are only a few of the groups making such efforts. Read

CTP youth: Nationalism, chauvinism and populism harm the communities and cause lack of trust

  Under the title “Approval for activities in Turkish properties in the north”, Turkish Cypriot daily Yeni Duzen newspaper (13.04.17) reports that the youth organization of the Republican Turkish Party (CTP) has participated in the Young European Socialist’s (YES) congress held in Duisburg, Germany, between 6 and 9 April. The congress has reportedly decided that