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Akinci criticized the increased number of “TRNC” citizenships that have recently been granted

Akinci criticized the increased number of “TRNC” citizenships that have recently been granted

  According to BRT(24.07.2017), Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akıncı has said that the obligation to settle or solve domestic problems could not be neglected while efforts were being made to reach a solution to the Cyprus Problem. In an address to the nation on the occasion of the Bayram holiday, he reminded that the Cyprus

Political stupidity is clearly hereditary

  By Loucas Charalambous IT is well known that stupidity is invincible. Nobody, so far, has managed to defeat it. It is also true that stupidity has no limits. It does however have one disadvantage: it cannot hide. It shouts from afar; it wants to be noticed. Political stupidity, especially, is like a minaret –

Akinci briefed the political party leaders, Ozgurgun will not go to Switzerland

  Turkish Cypriot Bayrak television (22.06.17) broadcasts that Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci briefed today the political parties represented in the occupation regime’s “assembly” on the Cyprus problem in view of the Cyprus Conference to be held at Crans Montara, Switzerland, on 28 June. The document submitted yesterday to the sides by Espen Barth Eide,

Absurd proposal only serves partition

  The proposal of Diko, Edek and Solidarity on the chapter of security and guarantees, which was made public on Tuesday, might as well have been titled ‘Formula for a deadlocked Conference and the collapse of the peace process.’ Another title could have been ‘Recipe for safeguarding and maintaining partition’, which is the solution supported

Wanted: Akel candidate, must have own money

  SUPER-PATRIOTS almost cried with joy this week as news emerged about Kyproulla’s blossoming military cooperation with Israel, which was a big boost to our delusions of military adequacy. Now that our National Guard is carrying out joint military exercises with the Israel Defence Force (IDF) it has been upgraded by association. Read full article

Politics of convenience

  The Presidential elections in Cyprus are a fairly bizarre business. Instead of running with candidates from their own ranks in the first round, political parties seek to forge alliances before Election Day. This would have been a justifiable practice if the partners were at least agreeing on fundamental policies. Read full article at in-Cyprus.

PR tutorials and Geneva worries

  PR tutorials Mike Spanos will not be, ultimately, Akel’s choice for President. The two parties couldn’t agree on a document of principles in an effort to bring the entrepreneur into line. The Akel leadership felt the measure was necessary after Spanos’ TV interview last week, where the prospective candidate managed to infuriate Akel faithful.

After Spanos blunder, Akel is clearly losing it

  AKEL chief Andros Kyprianou and Mike Spanos were all smiles and in good cheer when they jointly announced, on Thursday, they had failed to reach an election deal. It was a very, civilised way to behave – no hint of resentment or bitterness from either was on display – but this took nothing away

Akinci briefs parties ahead of Geneva

  According to BRT(10.06.2017), the Turkish Cypriot political parties parliament have expressed support to the Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci ahead of the upcoming Geneva conference. Akinci briefed the representatives of the political parties yesterday on the outcome of his recent meeting in New York with the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres and the Greek