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The good, the bad, and the intermediaries

  Selling Cyprus out… The five parties (Diko, Edek, Solidarity, Citizens’ Alliance and the Greens) of the so-called “intermediate space” (in reality extremely nationalistic) are in danger of completely losing the plot when the presidential race goes into full throttle. About 10 months before the big day in February, their narrative is either that the

ΑΚΕL: There are instigators of the unacceptable events in the House

  Statement by Stefanos Stefanou, AKEL C.C. Spokesperson The events that took place both inside and outside Parliament, which stain our political culture and justifiably raise questions among the people are unacceptable. However, all these unacceptable events – highlighted by the hooliganism against the General Secretary of AKEL outside Parliament – did not come out

KISA calls for ELAM’s political isolation

  Immigrant support NGO KISA has called on political parties to adopt a common line against ELAM to politically isolate the far-right party. In a press release on Wednesday, KISA condemned the incidents that took place last Friday inside and outside the House of Representatives in Nicosia by “MPs and other members of the neo-Nazi