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Turkish columnist: “Cyprus cannot be abandoned”

Turkish columnist: “Cyprus cannot be abandoned”

  Writing in Turkish daily Hurriyet newspaper (09.07.17), Prof. Dr. Ilber Ortayli referred to Cyprus’ strategic position, its importance in the field of transports and its wealth and assessed the situation in Eastern Mediterranean and Russian’s position in Syria. Referring to the collapse of the negotiating process in Crans Montana, Ortayli alleged that “it is

Cyprus federation hopes are dead

  As long as the Greek Cypriots believe the island only belongs to them and the Turkish Cypriot people are a minority (that might be accorded a special status with some privileged rights), there can never be a bi-zonal or bi-communal federal settlement that the two sides have agreed to establish in principle back in

G\C press blames Anastasiades for the collapse of talks, Turkey’s B and C plans for Cyprus

  Cyprus Mail, a Greek Cypriot newspaper, blamed Greek Cyprus President Nikos Anastasiades for the failure of an international conference for the reunification of the island, citing anonymous United Nations officials who said the Greek Cypriot president had insisted on “zero troops, zero guarantees,” despite the fact that the Turkish side announced its readiness to

King of the Cyprob swindle

  YOU CAN only express wonder and awe at Prez Nik’s Byzantine scheming, Machiavellian manipulation and masterful theatrics. He gave a consummate demonstration of all these qualities in Crans-Montana, not only achieving his objective of seeing off the danger of a settlement for good, but also emerging from the wreck of the conference he helped

The UN must tell us the truth about Crans-Montana

  THE REACTION by the two sides to the collapse of the Conference on Cyprus in Crans-Montana was exactly as expected. Each rushed to attribute the collapse to the “provocative intransigence” of the other. This was always the most convenient way of dealing with all the failures in all the efforts to settle the Cyprus

TMT fighters’ association: Turkish Cypriots cannot abandon the TRNC

  Turkish Cypriot Volkan newspaper (04.07.17) reports that the so-called TMT “fighters’ association” has sent a letter to Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci alleging that the Turkish Cypriots cannot abandon the “TRNC” which they had “legally” established and Turkey’s guarantees, to which they owe everything. The letter further alleges that an environment of uneasiness and