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ExxonMobil wants to see Cyprus a regional hub

ExxonMobil wants to see Cyprus a regional hub

  ExxonMobil’s vision for Cyprus is to see the country becoming a regional energy hub and the company hopes to find sufficient deposits of natural gas to see the island turn into an energy export nation, President of ExxonMobil Exploration Company Stephen Greenlee said on Thursday. Read full article at CyprusMail.

Cyprus energy plans to be put to the test

  The coming weeks will be testing the course of the Republic of Cyprus govenrment’s energy plans, along with its credibility. On all levels, the government continues to pacify concerns by stressing that the energy plans will go ahead, and that there is no case for changing or even freezing the planned July drillings. Read

Block 6 and the clash of law and equity at sea

  By Alper Ali Riza President Anastasiades gets very irate every time the UN’s man in Cyprus makes a statement about an impending crisis in the summer. The Turkish ambassador to the UN wrote to the secretary-general in April 2017 warning that Turkey would not allow foreign companies to conduct drilling on part of her

Turkish-Israeli pipeline deal on the way?

  In a commentary under the above title, columnist in Turkish Daily Hurritet Daily News (29.04.17) wrote the following: “‘We could have Israeli gas in Turkey in the next three to four years,” said Shaul Meridor, the Israeli Energy Ministry’s Director General, at the eighth annual Atlantic Council Istanbul Summit. The delegations have been engaged