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[LISTEN]: Lessons for Israel-Palestine from a divided Cyprus

[LISTEN]: Lessons for Israel-Palestine from a divided Cyprus

Living the Israeli-Palestinian conflict day in, day out, one often feels suffocated by a thicket of obstacles to peace. Wherever one looks for solutions, the doors seem to slam shut. It is easy to conclude that no conflict has ever been so stubbornly intractable, and that no one faces so many layers of complexity. What

Europe badly needs a success story & a reunified Cyprus would showcase Christian-Muslim coexistence

Greek and Turkish Cypriot leaders are in the final stretch of negotiations to reunite their divided island, after they agreed to meet in Switzerland next month to tackle the touchiest outstanding issues. Greek Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades and his Turkish Cypriot counterpart Mustafa Akıncı have been locked in intense talks over a solution for the

Handelsblatt: Cypriot President Believes Unified Cyprus Possible This Year

The president of Cyprus, Nicos Anastasiades, in a Handelsblatt interview said he believes an end to the division of the Mediterranean island is possible before the end of the year. “If both sides can show understanding for the other community’s concerns and if Turkey contributes to a fair solution, we could be successful this year,”

Anastasiades at Αnadolu Agency: ‘Εnergy can become a catalyst for peace’

Future energy cooperation could help bring about unity in Cyprus and stability to the wider eastern Mediterranean, Greek Cypriot leader Nicos Anastasiades has told Anadolu Agency. In an interview conducted via email, he said the major natural gas fields discovered in 2009 would promote collaboration between regional actors. “Energy cooperation in the region can transform

BBC: Cyprus aims to heal its great divide

At a time when walls and fences are going up across Europe in response to the migrant crisis, there is hope a long-standing barrier in one part of the continent could finally come down in 2016. After decades of division in Cyprus, there is genuine belief a political solution will bring together Turkish Cypriots in

So Close and Yet So Far:How Realistic Is CyprusReunification?

Recent talks between Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot groups have led to speculation that Cyprus may be on the road to unification. Despite the external optimism, others in the country have told Sputnik that they have grave reservations over a potential unification anytime in the near future. Read the rest on: