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Opinion: After 55 years of alleged Cypriot independence sovereignty is still a pipe dream

Opinion: After 55 years of alleged Cypriot independence sovereignty is still a pipe dream

Whenever my septuagenarian Turkish acquaintance Mustafa imbibes a certain amount of raki, Turkey’s national alcoholic beverage, he feels compelled to recount once again the story of his participation in the 1974 invasion of Cyprus by the Turkish military. In Mustafa’s raki-fuelled version, the operation’s swift success – which led to the deaths of thousands of

Building bridges with cheese in divided Cyprus

source: france24 NICOSIA (AFP) – Forty years after Cyprus was divided by a bloody conflict, the island’s Greek and Turkish communities are trying to overcome their differences and find an unusual common cause: halloumi cheese. Efforts to have the increasingly popular “squeaky” cheese granted a protected European Union status have raised fears that Turkish Cypriot producers

The Cypriot Puzzle is mentioned by Vice Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, only one capital city in the world remains divided in two. Forty years after escalating ethnic tensions and inter-communal violence across Cyprus prompted an Athens-orchestrated coup d’état—followed, five days later, by a retaliatory invasion by the Turkish army—the Cypriot capital of Nicosia is still riddled with the

Evripides Evriviades & Lord Hannay letters to the editor “The Economist” in response to the article on Cyprus problem “Being intractable -or insoluble?”

What to do about Cyprus?                       SIR – You described the options for solving the Cyprus problem as “Intractable—or insoluble?” (November 29th). It is neither, unless one is willing to accept that a stronger state can forcefully dismember one of its neighbours; none of the UN resolutions and European Court of Human Rights rulings matter; international

Hunting Down Looted Art – Listen Tasoula #Hadjitofi Iinterview on #BBCWORLD

Tasoula Hadjitofi has spent nearly 30 years fighting to save cultural and artistic treasures looted from her native Cyprus. After the Turkish invasion of 1974, thousands of icons, mosaics and frescoes were removed from Greek Cypriot churches and historic sites, many ending up on the international art market. Tasoula has been able to rescue many

Cypriots still mourning missing relatives 50 years later #BBC“Claudia Hammond reports from Bosnia Herzegovina, where thousands of people have missing relatives, and from Cyprus, where hundreds of Greek and Turkish Cypriot families have been waiting 40 and 50 years, for the bodies of their missing to be found. In Cyprus, there is a renewed push by Greek and Turkish Cypriots to find the

The Ghost city on National Geographic “A fenced “Green Line” separates northern and southern Cyprus. It is a barbed-wire scar: a forgotten no-man’s-land, a fossil from an unresolved war that is out of place in today’s Europe. In 1974, Greek nationalists staged a coup in Cyprus. This provided Turkey reason to invade, to protect the ethnic Turkish population. Forty years

Propaganda in Turkey

An article examining some of Turkey’s politicians view on neighboring peoples and how the recent history is presented. Is Cyprus and Israel really better at inaccurate racist education?