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What is the Cyprus problem?

What is the Cyprus problem?

  For totally different reasons, the two peoples of Cyprus consider the status quo as unacceptable. To heal any condition, there is an absolute need to make a proper prognosis and an accurate diagnosis. What is the Cyprus problem? Before this question is adequately and accurately answered, a resolution will not be possible. Read full

AKEL: The government and DISY presence at Grivas memorial service is a blunt provocation towards Cypriot society

  Statement by Georgos Loucaides, Parliamentary Spokesperson of AKEL-Left-New Forces and AKEL Political Bureau member The presence, for yet another year, of the government and the governing DISY party at the memorial service of Grivas represents a blunt provocation towards Cypriot society and our people, who is still suffering from the tragic consequences of the

Reuniting Cyprus?

The Left in Cyprus can only reemerge if it steps out of the confines of the “national question.” by Leandros Fischer The media is once again focused on the prolonged dispute in Cyprus, as the leaders of the island’s Greek and Turkish communities attempt to arrive at a political settlement that would reunite the island.

Time to consider the Kosovo model for Cyprus

  The Cyprus “hop-on-hop-off” talks have been continuing ever since the first meeting of two great personalities of the eastern Mediterranean island, when Turkish Cypriot leader Rauf R. Denktaş and Greek Cypriot leader Glafkos Clerides met at a hotel in Beirut in 1968. Has it not become obvious after almost 50 years of inconclusive talks

The economist: Cyprus can be reunified, if Turkey’s president allows it

  TREAD carefully through the building sites that litter Paphos, testament to the city’s preparations for its stint as 2017 European Capital of Culture, and you eventually find your way to the enclave of Mouttalos. Thousands of Turkish-Cypriots once lived here, before intercommunal fighting, reprisal killings and Turkey’s invasion of Cyprus in 1974 drove their