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Cyprus guarantee system is complicated

Cyprus guarantee system is complicated

There are many aspects of the Cyprus problem. It is neither just a property or refugee is-sue, nor a territory matter. It definitely includes all such headings, as well as the partnership of the two peoples in the land and the sovereignty of the island. But, even if there is an ac-cord answering the expectations of

Paying the price for the questions we never asked

What troubles the Turkish Cypriots is not the territorial integrity of Cyprus but their physical safety, and that’s why they insist on guarantees   By George Koumoullis   IT IS VERY likely that our disregard for Turkish Cypriot psychology could be the root of the Cyprus problem.  It’s a disregard that derives from our education

Facing Cyprus’ past

Documents from the BritishV archives published in the Turkish Cypriot media confirm that the Turkish Resistance Organisation – TMT is responsible for the murders and attempted murders of a number of leftist Turkish Cypriots in May 1958. In the documents, which are the English translations (by the British Sovereign Base Headquarters) of a number of

Turkish Cypriot columnist replies to Erdogan on the issue of the guarantees in Cyprus

Under the title “Guarantorship”, columnist Mehmet Levent replies in Turkish Cypriot daily Afrika newspaper (29.05.15) to the statement made by Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan who had said that Turkey will not abandon its rights as a guarantor power in Cyprus and that it is not possible to accept the guarantees of the European Union

A referendum rerun

Normally I’d steer the hell clear of the Cyprob – yawn – as I dislike adding to the literature and aggrandising the industry. Don’t know what got into me, but hearing about the new ‘momentum’ in the peace process, after Akinci’s election – he seems a decent fellow, that Akinci – it grabbed me to

Our DNA looks East, not West

… A study found that Greek markers accounted for around 23 per cent of Cypriot DNA. Apart from ‘Greek DNA’ markers, Cypriots showed signs of Iranian, Italian – a significant 20 per cent – Sicilian, Armenian, Syrian, Georgian, Saudi and Palestinian markers. … The genetic information, presented this week at a colloquium hosted by the Cyprus

Manhole ‘A film about citizens getting their shit together’

  Yesderday on the 26th of April 2015 Mustafa Akinci was elected leader of the Turkish Cypriot government, in light of this turn of events the Cypriot Puzzle features a Documentary by Aris Kyriakides, released in 2000, called Manhole ‘A film about citizens getting their shit together’. 1974 was traumatic for all of the communities