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Turkish army releases footage from Cyprus operation in 1974

Turkey’s General Staff has released previously unseen footage from the 1974 military operation in Cyprus to mark the landing’s 41st anniversary. On July 20, 1974 Turkish military intervened in the island in response to an Athens-backed coup aiming to unite Cyprus with Greece. Turkish soldiers who took part in airborne and seaborne operations, as well

Victimhood: a chronic condition in Cypriot communities

VICTIMHOOD has become a chronic condition in the Cypriot communities, north and south, and sustained by a culture of blame. It is insatiable and unreparational. It is magnified and exaggerated at the individual level, and endorsed and perpetuated by the power elites at communal levels and at the negotiation tables across the world. Cypriots want

Admission of some bitter truths

DEFICIENT education and the fabrication of history still remain key features of Cypriot society. The student finishing state secondary school does not know, for example, that every archbishop during Ottoman rule was a quisling who co-operated with the rulers for the promotion of their mutual financial interest. What they believe instead is that the Church

Akinci’s view of 1974 reflects Makarios’ own

PEOPLE who have followed the political career of Mustafa Akinci would not have been surprised by the comments he made about the tragic events of 1974 this week. In a nutshell, Akinci’s position is that the military coup made the Turkish invasion inevitable and that the ensuing war caused pain and suffering to the whole

From the archives: The collapse of the Republic

The intercommunal violence which broke out in December 1963 after President Makarios attempted to amend Cyprus’ constitution is the focus of the Cyprus Mail’s next batch of archive uploads to mark the newspaper’s 70th anniversary this year. The Turkish Cypriots soon withdrew from the government and the violence intensified over the following months prompting the

This day in History | 1974 – Cyprus conflict spills into London

Thousands of Greek-Cypriots in London have been protesting about the disputed government of Cyprus. Turkish troops landed in the north of the Mediterranean island early yesterday morning after a Greek-­sponsored coup in the capital, Nicosia, last week. More than 10,000 Greek-Cypriots and British left-­wing activists marched through the centre of London in support of an