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52 years since “Bloody Christmas”. The spark came on 21 of December 1963

52 years since “Bloody Christmas”. The spark came on 21 of December 1963

1963 is still a historical minefield By Elias Hazou THE FANATICS won: that’s the view shared by a growing number of modern historians and researchers on the outbreak of inter-communal violence on the island exactly 50 years ago. Mutual distrust was aided and abetted by false-flag operations and disinformation on both sides. Perhaps the only

March syndrome

Expectations are again building for a probable conclusion within a month or so of the talks aimed at creating a “bi-zonal and bi-communal federation” on the eastern Mediterranean island of Cyprus. Accordingly, not only would the leaders of the two peoples of the island miraculously iron out all of their daunting differences and seal an

History as dogma

By Marina Christofides How do we remember the past? How does each side in our ethnically divided island approach our history? And what does that mean for our future? Differently, and it doesn’t bode well, according to social anthropologist and University of Cyprus professor, Yiannis Papadakis, speaking on history, memory and identity at the Home

Cypriot text books and the will for resolution By @ykanli

Nicos Katsourides, a senior member of the Greek Cypriot Progressive Party of the Working People (AKEL), let the cat out of the bag. “What’s being achieved at the [intercommunal] talks is nothing further than a reaffirmation of the past convergences; in reality the talks have landed in a deadlock,” the veteran politician said during an interview

Haunding memories By @Ykanli #hurriyet

By @ykanli Did any Greek Cypriot official or civilian (forget Turkish Cypriots) face court for the crimes committed against humanity? If, for example, anyone from 40-day-old newborns to 93-year-old grandpas were massacred indiscriminately and the population of three villages with the exception of a shepherd were killed or buried alive, can such a crime escape

School visits to Grivas hideout spark controversy

By George Psyllides Communist AKEL has asked the education ministry to withdraw a circular listing places for schools to visit because it included the hideout of EOKA leader Georgios Grivas, a controversial figure viewed in Cyprus as a hero and villain at the same time. AKEL took issue because Grivas, also known by his nom

1915: Greece Declines Cyprus Offer

The Greek Government has declined to fulfill the Serbo-Greek treaty and go to Servia’s assistance in exchange for Cyprus, but simultaneously the Quadruple Entente is making important military and political proposals to Roumania. Meanwhile the Allied Fleet is bombarding Dedeagach and the Servians are stubbornly resisting the violent bombardment of Mackensen’s artillery in the north

Cleansing our national days

SHOULD Cyprus be proud that it observes more national holidays than any other country in the world? The Greek Cypriots observe four (no need to list them) and the Turkish Cypriots three – July 20 (Day of peace and freedom), August 30 (Day of Kemal Ataturk’s victory over the Greeks in 1922) and October 29

Narcissism of the enosists

It’s funny how history, occasionally, jolts you at the most inconspicuous of occasions. At a relative’s wedding recently, I had the good fortune of being seated amongst a family of purists’ enosists from Kato Varosha.  Although politically and intellectually at odds with their ideological beliefs, I often sought and enjoyed their company. These were relatives,