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The Cyprus issue and the tyranny of terminology

The Cyprus issue and the tyranny of terminology

  By Ozay Mehmet NOTHING is more sacred in Greek Cypriot political culture than certain terms, such as “invasion” in 1974 that created a “pseudo-state” in the north, compared with the “legitimate” all-Greek Cypriot regime in the south. This culture, amounting to a tyranny of terminology, is so entrenched, it blocks reason and historical truth.

The truths the hagiographies don’t tell

  FRENCH World War I hero, Marshal Henri Philippe Petain and our very own General George Grivas share many common characteristics. Starting with their appearance, they look very similar indeed – the same moustache, the same height, even their baldness and head shape were almost identical. Read full article at CyprusMail.

Unficyp and the prospect of decommissioning

  By Christos P. Panayiotides WHEN, a couple of months ago, I hinted that the possibility existed of Unficyp’s mandate not being renewed, I was branded an ‘alarmist’. I am not sure what this implies but my experience tells me that, when there is smoke, an alarm signal is useful and, if properly attended to,

Cultural links doomed the talks

  The latest hurdle over the Enosis vote has highlighted the true depths of mistrust between the two sides By Hermes Solomon and Ozay Mehmet In 1955, a pious woman, much influenced by religious word-of-mouth historians, baked heavy loaves of bread in a stone oven heated with twigs collected from the dried out Pediaios riverbed before carrying them

A sample Cyprus history lesson

  The church has every reason to keep its control over history teaching. Its image would be shattered by the truth By George Koumoullis I have been overcome by a sense of fear, worry, futility, rage and sadness these days. It stems from the prospect that the political uproar about the Enosis referendum will in