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Mak’s true legacy is our delusions of grandeur

Mak’s true legacy is our delusions of grandeur

  THE MARKING of the 40th anniversary of the death of Archbishop Makarios, on Thursday, turned out to be a non-event, apart from a few routine statements about his greatness, astuteness and legacy by some political parties that still think there is political capital to be made by worshipping him. Read full article at CyprusMail.

Two wishes and an unknown future

  By Nicos Rolandis On January 28, 1956, the British government proposed to Archbishop Makarios, through Colonial Secretary Alan Lennox-Boyd, the “Harding Plan” which provided for self-determination in 10 years with minimal involvement of the Turkish Cypriots. Read full article at CyprusMail.

Columnist assesses the reasons of the embargoes imposed on the Turkish Cypriots

  Under the title “Umbilical cord”, Turkish Cypriot daily Yeni Duzen newspaper (21.07.17) publishes a commentary by columnist Sami Ozuslu, who assesses the statements made by Turkish Cypriot leader Akinci that the “embargoes” imposed on the Turkish Cypriots should be lifted and the reference by President Anastasiades to an “umbilical cord” between Turkey and the

Cyprus marks coup anniversary

  Air raid sirens sounded at 8.20am on Saturday, marking the anniversary of the beginning of the coup on July 15, 1974 to overthrow president Makarios. A church service for those killed during the coup was held in the morning at Saint Constantinos and Eleni Church in Nicosia, attended by President Nicos Anastasiades and other

The Cyprus issue and the tyranny of terminology

  By Ozay Mehmet NOTHING is more sacred in Greek Cypriot political culture than certain terms, such as “invasion” in 1974 that created a “pseudo-state” in the north, compared with the “legitimate” all-Greek Cypriot regime in the south. This culture, amounting to a tyranny of terminology, is so entrenched, it blocks reason and historical truth.

The truths the hagiographies don’t tell

  FRENCH World War I hero, Marshal Henri Philippe Petain and our very own General George Grivas share many common characteristics. Starting with their appearance, they look very similar indeed – the same moustache, the same height, even their baldness and head shape were almost identical. Read full article at CyprusMail.

Unficyp and the prospect of decommissioning

  By Christos P. Panayiotides WHEN, a couple of months ago, I hinted that the possibility existed of Unficyp’s mandate not being renewed, I was branded an ‘alarmist’. I am not sure what this implies but my experience tells me that, when there is smoke, an alarm signal is useful and, if properly attended to,