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Playing with out kids’ future

Playing with out kids’ future

  By Funda Gumush This week has been a mixed set of emotions for many Turks and Turkish Cypriots. Millions waited for the outcome of the referendum to change the constitution in Turkey, giving ultimate power to incumbent president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, even though, deep down, they knew it was a foregone conclusion. Read full

The black anniversary we should mark

  By George Koumoullis Fifty years after the military seized power in Greece, Cyprus should acknowledge its guilt FIFTY years ago, on April 21, 1967, a group of army officers terminated democracy in Greece and imposed a brutal dictatorship, which collapsed like a tower of cards when Turkey invaded Cyprus seven years later. Read full

My kingdom is not of this world

  By Christos Liasides Christ’s advice was to render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s WHAT else to say about Christ’s sojourn on Earth after last week? His life, his teachings, his torture and crucifixion and his death on the cross are part of the historical Christ Read full article at CyprusMail.

Setting the centre stage

  By Annie Charalambous Socialist Edek leader Marinos Sizopoulos refuses to comment on speculation that his party’s chosen candidate for presidential elections in February 2018 is centre Diko’s Nicolas Papadopoulos. Or that shrinking Edek eyes a future merger with Papadopoulos’ party – the island’s third largest – no matter what the outcome of the elections.

Referendum aftermath

  Concerned… At last, the long-awaited referendum in Turkey is over. My friends tell me that the National Unity Party-Democratic Party (UBP-DP) coalition in the north is anxiously contemplating how the relatively low voter turnout and ‘No’ vote in the northern part of Cyprus will affect the attitude of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Justice

The appararition of ‘Enosis’

  By Michalis S. Michael I frequently joke with my fellow (Greek) Cypriots that having married a mainland Greek at least I personally achieved ‘enosis’! When I came to Cyprus in 1969 from London, I was overwhelmed by the whole ‘Enosis’ sub-culture. Scribbled on paint-washed walls of churches, bridges and other public edifices, slogans such

Hot summer for gas

  By George Telaveris While Cyprus waits for Total to start exploratory drilling for natural gas in offshore Block 11 in July, Israel is close to selling natural gas to Turkey, risking a flare-up over the right to send gas to Turkey through the Cyprus Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). Read full article at in-Cyprus.