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Here we list any news related to the Cypriot Puzzle from various sources in Cyprus and abroad.

CTP and TDP called the coalition government to stop granting citizenships

CTP and TDP called the coalition government to stop granting citizenships

  Turkish Cypriot daily Yeni Duzen newspaper (11.08.17) reports that according to the “official gazette” dated August 9, 2017, with a “decision” of the “council of ministers” 59 more persons “obtained” the “TRNC citizenship” according to “article 9, paragraph (1), clause (c) of the citizenship law”. The names of those “obtained” the “TRNC citizenship” are

Hur-Is trade union: 50 thousand foreigners work in the private sector in the north

  Turkish Cypriot daily Halkin Sesi newspaper (11.08.17) reports that a delegation from Hur-Is trade union visited yesterday Cemal Ozyigit, chairman of the Social Democracy Party (TDP). In statements during the visit, Hur-Is trade union’s general secretary Ali Yeltekin said that 92 thousand persons are employed in the private sector and that 45-50 thousand of

Reddediyouz Platform will start again its protests

  Turkish Cypriot daily Yeni Duzen newspaper (11.08.17) reports that Zeki Celer, so-called deputy with the Social Democracy Party (TDP) from Keryneia, said yesterday that the Reddediyoruz (We Are Rejecting) Platform will start again its activities. In statements yesterday at the “assembly”, the Platform announced that they are rejecting every move which aims at spoiling

Columnist to Akinci: I want my vote back

  Under the title “I want my vote back”, columnist Unal Findik in Turkish Cypriot daily Yeni Duzen newspaper (11.08.17) reports that, because of the views expressed recently by Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci, he has decided to ask back from the Turkish Cypriot leader the vote he had given to him “as a loan”

Sub-committee for enabling participation of Maronites to process of returning their villages

  According to Bayrak television (online, 11.08.17), work regarding the return of Maronites to their villages is continuing. Within the framework of efforts, a meeting was held at the “presidential palace” yesterday where a sub-committee was established with the aim of enabling the participation of Maronites to the process. According to a press release by

Albayrak: We will put in use our own drilling ship within the last quarter of this year

  Turkish daily Milliyet newspaper (11.08.17), on its front page under the title “We will be more aggressive in the Mediterranean”, reports that Turkey’s Energy and Natural Resources Minister Berat Albayrak, referring to the drilling activities for natural gas and petrol, alleged: “The Mediterranean is not the lake of no one. It is a place