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The PEOPLE OF CYPRUS are coming…!

The PEOPLE OF CYPRUS are coming…!

We often talk about the 2 communities of Cyprus. Each of these 2 communities receives an education heavily oriented towards the so called “mother country”, often neglecting our common history. But in this way, not only is the history and background of the other community not taught, we also ignore a great number of other,

Greek-Cypriot Journalists: “It could happen this time”

Ulaş Barış, writing for the Kıbrıs Postası, asked four Greek-Cypriot journalists to give their view regarding the negotiations. All four of them seem hopeful for a solution as they believe that this might be the time for it.  The Cypriot Puzzle has translated the opinions of the journalists and presents them in English. Thanasis Athanasiou,

Kaleidherscope on MYCY radio with Andromachi Sofocleous from the Cypriot Puzzle

Kaleidherscope, a radio talk show on MYCY Radio, presented by Magda Zenon, hosted Andromachi Sophocleous from the Cypriot Puzzle for a discussion on active citizenship. The two women spoke about the necessity to establish an informed and engaged society, the projects and activities of the Cypriot Puzzle in attempting this as well as the Cyprus

Re-assessing the past: Kizilyurek’s latest book on 1958

Heterotopia publishes Niyazi Kizilyurek’s latest book on the 1958 Gionelli events.   Heterotopia Publications has released the latest book by Niyazi Kizilyurek entitled: “Şiddet Mevsiminin Saklı Tarihi” (A period of violence: The dark 1958). After years of extensive research on the inter-ethnic and political violence in Cyprus, Niyazi Kizilyurek chose to publish a book dealing

The Cypriot Puzzle turns 1 Year old

How did all begin? It all began when some of us decided to make a short video summarising the Republic of Cyprus’ constitution, making it accessible and understandable to everyone.  More people got involved when we started talking about creating a website where one can look up some basic info related to the Cyprus Problem

Manhole ‘A film about citizens getting their shit together’

  Yesderday on the 26th of April 2015 Mustafa Akinci was elected leader of the Turkish Cypriot government, in light of this turn of events the Cypriot Puzzle features a Documentary by Aris Kyriakides, released in 2000, called Manhole ‘A film about citizens getting their shit together’. 1974 was traumatic for all of the communities

road to future

The English School Case Study

  By Andromachi Sophocleous I was present at the English School when Turkish Cypriots enrolled in the school for the first time after 1974 and the election of a Turkish Cypriot as the Head Boy in 2015 did not surprise me but filled me with hope.  I remember those heated moments at the school when,