Burcu: The “TRNC citizens” will become citizens of the newly established Republic

Turkish Cypriot daily Detay newspaper (01.09.15) reports that Baris Burcu, spokesman of the Turkish Cypriot leader, has said that the “TRNC citizens” will become citizens of the newly established Republic after the solution of the Cyprus problem. In statements to Detay, Burcu replied to “allegations” regarding the future of the illegal Turkish settlers in the occupied area of Cyprus in case a solution to the Cyprus problem is reached. Burcu argued that efforts are exerted for the issue of citizenship to “be abused”.

Under the title “EU citizenship to the people of Turkish Republic origin”, the paper writes that Burcu called on the “people of Turkish Republic origin” to “feel comfortable”.
Burcu said: “Some groundless news is spread in the direction that our citizens from Turkey will not become citizens of the Federal Cyprus which will be established and that they will suffer discrimination. We have said it many times and I will stress it once more on this occasion.There will be absolutely no discrimination among all of our citizens”.

Burcu argued that all the “TRNC citizens” will become part of the solution to be reached and added: “The TRNC citizens will become citizens of the newly established Republic. Let no one doubt about this”.

Burcu said that they are working for all their “citizens” to be able to become citizens of the federal state after the solution and “it is out of the question for us to think and implement anything else”. “This is our position at the negotiating table”, he noted.


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