Burcu responded to Christodoulides’s remarks


According to Bayrak television (28.07.17) the so-called presidential spokesman Baris Burcu alleged that the biggest mistake that the “Greek Cypriot administration”, as he called the Republic of Cyprus, has been making for years, is that it has been looking down on the Turkish Cypriot “people” and its elected leaders, “refusing to recognize their political equality and ignoring their existence”.

“It is for this reason that they have always wanted to see Turkey rather than the Turkish Cypriots as their collocutors, ignoring the internal dynamics of the Turkish Cypriot society”, Burcu claimed.

In a written statement issued today, Burcu responded to a statement made by Government’s Spokesman Nicos Christodoulides who accused the Turkish Cypriot side of distorting the facts regarding the failed talks at Crans-Montana.

Burcu claimed that the current situation would have been very different had the Greek Cypriot leader shown just a fraction of the determination displayed or the initiatives undertaken by the Turkish Cypriot leader Ak?nc? over the past two years.

“Unfortunately the Greek Cypriot side, first at Mont Pelerin, later in Geneva and finally at Crans-Montana was not able to display the determination needed for reaching an agreement. Their only goal was to develop tactics aimed at laying the blame and responsibility for the non-solution on the shoulders of Turkey and the Turkish Cypriot side. Having failed to do so, they (Greek Cypriots) are now picking quarrels with everyone”, Burcu alleged.

“As the president stressed earlier there is a strong need on the Greek Cypriot side to transform its current mentality. It will be the Turkish Cypriots who will welcome such a move the most”, Burcu also claimed.

Source: PIO

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