Burcu: The fear of solution has become Anastasiades greatest fear


Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris Postasi newspaper reports in its online edition (25.07.17) that Baris Burcu the spokesman of the Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akicni, claimed that President Anastasiades greatest fear became the fear of solution.

Burcu who was speaking to Kanal T, television alleged that Anastasiades could not keep his determination in the settlement process in Cyprus negotiations.

Alleging that the architect of Crans Montana Summit was the Turkish Cypriot side, Burcu claimed that they expect the Greek Cypriots to stay on track in order for a solution to be reached.

Referring to the side which made mistakes in Crans Montana Summit, Burcu claimed that the UN gave the message that the Turkish side’s positions were more logical an easier to adopt, which led to the Greek Cypriots freaking out. “All of these demonstrations tell us that we are not the flawed side”, he claimed.

Burcu claimed that President Anastasiades feared firstly that he could not persuade the political parties, the bureaucracy and society about the solution and secondly how the solution could be implemented. He added that this fear gradually showed on Anastasiades’ face.

For the summit to be held, Anastasiades set a prerequisite: “You will satisfy me on the land. The conference will only be held to discuss security and guarantees, and only if you satisfy me in this will the negotiations on the remaining issues begin” but this was not in the principles of the February 11 Document and we could not accept it, we strongly rejected it, Burcu alleged.

Source: PIO

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