Burcu comments on negotiations process


According to Bayrak (18.01.2016) , “Presidential Spokesman” Barış Burcu said that the contacts to be held separately by the two leaders at the world’s leading economic summit in Davos Switzerland as well as the joint meeting they will be holding with the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon will contribute greatly to efforts aimed at reaching a settlement on the island.

Responding to reports in the Greek Cypriot press that the UN had changed the current timetable on the talks and had postponed a possible referandum to after the general elections in South Cyprus, Burcu said that there was no such timetable or deadlines.

He said that these reports were pure fabrication as it was not possible to speak of a referandum date before an agreement had been reached.

Burcu however stressed the importance of reaching a settlement as soon as possible.

“we are working for this” he said.

Also responding to reports that there had been more progress reached in the talks than announced by the two sides, the Presidential Spokesman said that this depended from which angle you looked at the issue.

“We are receiving different types of comments. Some claim that we are progressing while others claim we are trailing behind on substantive issues. We on the other hand are focusing towards achieving results. In any case, nothing is agreed until everything is agreed upon.”

On the upcoming visit to Davos, Burcu said that the summit was an important opportunity for both sides considering that the world’s leading economic actors would be attending the World Economic Summit.

He said that the financing of a settlement could come up during the meetings in Davos.

“We can’t wait for a donors conference to start thinking about the financing of a settlement. At least we can bring to the attention of those economic actors the high cost of a settlement and the importance of any support they might be able to lend” he added.

Burcu also stressed that there would be no meeting held to discuss the issue of guarantees as reported in the press.

“The Treaty of Guarantees will be discussed at the very end of the process with the participation of all three guarantor powers and the two sides on the island. We are still not at that stage…there is still much distance we need to cover on the property and territory issues” Burcu said.


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