Burcu: Akinci himself decides with whom to meet or not


According to Bayrak television (online, 04.08.17), Baris Burcu, Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci’s spokesman, in a statement, said that the “vice president” of the “Turkish Fighters Association” (TMT) in a written message inappropriately accused Akinci by saying that “unfortunately, president Akinci had received and held a frank meeting with the Unite Cyprus Now Platform funded by the Greek Cypriot Stelios Foundation while the 1st of August Communal Day was celebrated in the TRNC”.

Noting that the framework of the “celebrations” is decided by the “National Days Celebration Committee” which operates under the “TRNC foreign ministry”, Burcu explained that in accordance with the decisions of the “Committee” the “protocol department of the TRNC foreign ministry” sends written invitations to those who should attend the “ceremonies” according to the “state protocol”. “The president attends or does not attend the ceremonies within this framework” Burcu said and added: “It is also very natural that the president himself decides with whom to meet or not”.

Source: PIO

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