BKP evaluated the Cyprus problem and the property issue

Under the title: “The choice of the compensation in the property issue will ease the solution”, Turkish Cypriot daily Yeni Duzen newspaper (09.10.15) reports that the United Cyprus Party (BKP), in a written statement said, that the discussion on the property issue within the framework of the Cyprus negotiation talks is in the most critical stage and added that the choice of the compensation in the property issue will ease the solution.

Pointing out to the importance of finding sources, the BKP stated that finding sources is a precondition for the solution of the property issue as well as of the others issues of the Cyprus problem.

Evaluating the latest stage of the Cyprus negotiation process and the property issue, the secretary of foreign relations of the BKP Salih Sonustun, said in the statement, that the negotiation process has entered a critical period and added that probably in the light of the developments on the Cyprus negotiation process and of the international conjecture, more important developments may occur in Cyprus after November.

Stating that to a great extent the issues of the “Government and Power sharing” and the “Population” were agreed, Sonustun added that in the current phase, the property issue is the most crucial issue.

Sonustun stated also that the BKP is optimistic towards the solution of the Cyprus problem, stressing the need for both communities to be informed about the developments. He called also all the powers in favour of the solution to brief and inform the people and added that BKP will do all necessary towards this direction.

Source: PIO

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