Bicommunal Kyrenia Initiative proposes Confident Building Measures

The Bicommunal Kyrenia Initiative – BKI began at the initiative of a few Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot residents, refugees and friends of Kyrenia in an atmosphere of common dreams, wishes and goals for the city of Kyrenia, and the district at large.

The aims of the BKI centre of the harbour city and radiate out along the north coast and over the Pentadaktylos /Bespamak mountain range. BKI aims to reunite the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot citizens and friends in a post reunified island. They aim to foster and bolster peace and tolerance between all the five main communities and others of Cyprus.

They understand that compromise and passion are needed, as well as clear heads, logic and cooperation, to achieve these goals. The dream is ideally to see Kyrenia lived in and loved by all citizens freely. One confidence building measure (CBM) floated is for some Greek Cypriots to return to the town under Turkish Cypriot administration, both pre and post reunification of Cyprus. Meanwhile, other smaller low political CBMs are being brainstormed and will be rolled out hopefully soon.

The BKI also hopes to begin immediately the revival of the religious and cultural heritage across the district, with participation and assistance from all stakeholders, including municipalities, residents, refugees, friends, NGO’s, academics, experts and business people etc.

Of course, any CBMs will be purely to help lead to the much-awaited comprehensive and viable settlement by contributing to the peace process.

We would like to thank the Bicommunal Famagusta Initiative for inspiring us with their amazing work on the east coast of Cyprus. They are truly an inspiration. We also would like to thank the Australia High Commission in Nicosia, Cyprus, (Australia In Cyprus) and the Cyprus Academic Dialogue – CAD for their cooperation and assistance!

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