Bi-communal concert sends message of peace

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Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot trade unions said on Tuesday that they are organising a bicommunal concert to “contribute to the struggle for Cyprus` reunification and world peace”.

The concert will take place on Friday, September 18, in the UN-controlled buffer zone, in the capital Nicosia and is part of events the unions organise every September and a continuation of an event held on September 1, the Global Union Action Day.

“As negotiations between the two community leaders continue, we consider this great political and artistic event a means for Cypriot workers to be heard louder and demand a solution, an agreement and the reunification of the country.

Kyritsis called on all Cypriots to join the concert “to sing together for peace, to demand reunification and a peaceful and happy future for our country and our people”.

Şener Elcil, General Secretary of the TC teachers union KTOS, said that the unions do not defend only workers` rights, but also the right of the country and its people to peace. “The fight for peace goes hand in hand with the struggle for workers` rights” he said, according to the press release.

“Cyprus is not that large to be divided but is large enough for the two communities to live together. It is our common destiny to live together in the same place” he added, calling on everyone to take part in the concert.

The concert is supported by the unions PEO, DEV-IS, KTAMS, KTOS, KTOEOS, BES, KOOP-SEN, TURK – SEN and the bi-communal initiative United Cyprus.


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