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Event : The road to the solution and the next day

Event : The road to the solution and the next day

INVITATION / PRESS RELEASE In response to the recent developments in Cyprus, especially after the resumption of the negotiation process but also the emergence of Mustafa Akinci in the leadership of the Turkish Cypriot community, the Board of Development Company Akaki “The Serrahis” organizes and invites you to a roundtable discussion on:  “The road to

Cyprus Dialogue Forum – Fresh out of the oven

Launched in March, 2015, the Cyprus Dialogue Forum is an inclusive space for structured dialogue and knowledge-sharing among political, economic and social stakeholders from both communities, aiming to support the peace process in Cyprus. PURPOSE & OBJECTIVES Support the formal negotiations and all political efforts to reach a mutually agreed federal solution, by creating options

EU Infopoint office opens in north

THE EU Infopoint office, which aims to bring the Turkish Cypriot community closer to the European Union, has been inaugurated in the northern part of Nicosia. “The office will help Turkish Cypriots satisfy their need for information on issues of the European Union through activities and a dynamic presence on social media,” the office of

Our DNA looks East, not West

… A study found that Greek markers accounted for around 23 per cent of Cypriot DNA. Apart from ‘Greek DNA’ markers, Cypriots showed signs of Iranian, Italian – a significant 20 per cent – Sicilian, Armenian, Syrian, Georgian, Saudi and Palestinian markers. … The genetic information, presented this week at a colloquium hosted by the Cyprus

@AnastasiadesCY announces confidence building measures

Thank you CAD for the translation 🙂 The President of the ROC Nicos Anastasiades has announced some Confidence Building Measures: 1) On Saturday when he meets with Mustafa Akıncı he will personally hand him 28 maps identifying minefields on Pentadaktylos left behind in 1974 by the retreating ‪Greek‬ ‪Cypriots‬ 2) The management of ‪‎Turkish‬ Cypriot

Debate on Twitter @yiorgoslillikas @NicholasPapadop

  By Angelos Anastasiou Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci’s election victory on Sunday sparked a flurry of discussions on Twitter, with some in the Greek Cypriot political elite going against the grain of renewed hope for a settlement to the decades-long conflict. As President Nicos Anastasiades and House President Yiannakis Omirou congratulated Akinci on his

The victory of Mustafa Akıncı in northern Cyprus gives hope to Turkish Cypriots of a better future

Entrenched political parties are crumbling these days in the Eastern Mediterranean. The upstart Syriza handily defeated its elder rivals in Greece, while the Kurdish-backed HDP is on the rise amongst liberal and left-wing voters in Turkey. And now in north Cyprus, an independent leftist candidate won the presidency in a landslide victory on 26 April


@SCOREIndex results presented on @mahallae

The results of SCORE have been presented beautifully through online interactive charts. The Social Cohesion and Reconciliation (SCORE) Index is a smart tool designed to measure peace in societies around the world. You can visit it through http://score-v3.mahallae.org/?country=1 No surprise that Mahallae is also involved given the web content.