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The ‘Cypriot Puzzle asks’ game

The ‘Cypriot Puzzle asks’ game: What happened in 1963? Who was the first president of the Republic of Cyprus? When was the second invasion of Turkey in 1974? The rules of the game are easy enough: Two players compete by answering 3 questions on the Cypriot Puzzle. The winner walks away with a small, refreshing

A Tale of Two Cities

… A well-known folk song succinctly expresses the Cypriot national dilemma: ‘my homeland has been divided in two, which part out of the two am I supposed to love?’ Indeed, many people feel caught in between these two worlds, however the last two generations did not experience the division or the other side of the

Green Line love park by @H4Cooperation

  An Event organised by Home for Cooperation: “Within the 4th year anniversary celebrations of cooperation, the road known as the Ledra Palace crossing line will be very happy, colourful and vibrant place for one hour! Come and experience this street metamorphosis during which the main actor will be simply the road itself. In the

New measures : Checkpoints opened and telecoms connected

Cyprus leaders Nicos Anastasiades and Mustafa Akinci have announced new confidence-building measures after their meeting today, Thursday May 28th, which started at 9:30am and finished at 14:00 at the Nicosia Airport under UN auspices. New check points will be opened in Lefka and Derynia, the electricity systems on both sides will be connected along with

Anastasiades : Youth on both sides face common problems

Greek and Turkish Cypriot youths faced common problems, President Nicos Anastasiades said on Tuesday, urging them to lead the effort for the creation of a climate of reconciliation and understanding. In a speech during a seminar organised by the Youth Organisation of Cyprus, Anastasiades said the problems Greek and Turkish Cypriot youths faced “are common,

The Cypriot Puzzle turns 1 Year old

How did all begin? It all began when some of us decided to make a short video summarising the Republic of Cyprus’ constitution, making it accessible and understandable to everyone.  More people got involved when we started talking about creating a website where one can look up some basic info related to the Cyprus Problem